RTX: You're in the electronic swaps market now


Our cutting edge trading platform allows for rapid execution across multiple asset classes.


RTX is a dealer focused platform that provides liquidity without sacrificing margin.


Guaranteed uptime and fully resilient technology allows for real-time execution anywhere, anytime.

Who We Are

RTX is an electronic marketplace for derivatives dealers, and other ECPs in the global interest rate swaps and options markets.  

RTX is led by swap market professionals who utilize unparalleled industry expertise to deliver highly liquid, scalable and low-cost trading solutions for swaps trading practitioners in the global derivative markets.

Reduced Cost Per Trade

RTX offers premium, low cost voice and electronic execution for interest rate swaps, basis swaps and options,

Streamlined Post Trade

RTX offers real time connectivity to MarkitWire, CME & LCH Clearing & the DTCC SDR.

Cross Product Support

RTX Supports multiple currencies and the full suite of products. including vanilla swaps, options, curves, spreads and butterflies.